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The Ugly Truth About Getting  

A Flat Stomach

Here is the shocking truth about your lack of results in developing a flat stomach.

You have full and complete knowledge of what it takes to develop a flat stomach.

Lack of knowledge is not your problem. I intend to rob you of your comfort; in case, you wish to re-comfort yourself with the pretense that, you are not exactly sure of the right formula to develop a flat stomach. I intend to deprive you of any pretense of ignorance by rubbing the right flat stomach formula in your face.

You need two simple ingredients to develop a flat stomach: EXERCISE and NUTRITION.

Exercise and nutrition is not a magical, super, duper weight loss formula. It is not the newest scientific breakthrough after years of extensive research. And the ugly truth is that you already know this.

If everyone already knows this, why does the frantic search for a magical flat stomach formula keep on proliferating? How come, you can’t watch TV without some grade A Hollywood Actress or fitness model attempt to sell you on the new weight loss fad?

One day, it is a gadget in the form of a belt, which sends vibrations through your abdomen. The TV ad promises you that, you do not need exercises. He promises that, while you go about your daily activities, the vibrations from the belt fry your belly fat and tone your abs muscles.

Another day, the TV ad-men are hailing the wonders of an ultimate fruit juice ingredient. Incidentally, the fruit is always discovered in some remote jungle, where for ages, it had remained hidden from modern scientists.

Do these gimmicks deliver the results?

Do you know a real life friend who attained a flat tummy by consuming acai berry or African mango juice? If not, why do so many people fall for these gimmicks?

It is very simple. Most people have the same problem, you are facing. Your flabby waistline problems are not due to the lack of knowledge. You have the knowledge.

Your real problem is lack of self-discipline. Worse yet, deep down in your heart, you also know this.

Knowledge does not apply itself. You must apply it. And applying knowledge requires continuous effort. Precisely here, is where the problem, lies. The real problem is the lack consistent self-discipline to supply the effort.

There is a big misunderstanding between motivation and discipline. You can be motivated without being disciplined. Actually, this combination is very common in people trying to lose weight or achieve any other goal for that matter. You can be overflowing with enthusiasm and desire to achieve your ideal body; yet, totally fall short of the discipline to follow through.

You are motivated when, you do something because you feel like doing it.

You are disciplined when, you do what you planned to do, whether you feel like doing it or not.

Do you remember those times, when you binged and felt guilty soon after?

You probably wondered afterwards, why you did, precisely what, you were not supposed to do? You wondered why you couldn’t summon the willpower to stick to your diet.

By the way, you shouldn’t be dieting. But that is a subject by itself. Do not confuse good nutrition and diets. They are not the same things.

Your willpower didn’t rise to the occasion to save you because it doesn’t work like that. Your willpower cannot stop you from binging. You are guaranteed to fail, if you rely exclusively on your willpower.

The right use of willpower is to build self-discipline. But self-discipline is not enough. You need to build regular exercise habits. Disciplines and habits are essentially the same things. A discipline can become habit, after surviving 30 consecutive days.

Strong Aspirations for 
A Flat Stomach

You can find a few good flat stomach training courses on the internet. Off course, most of them are pure trash.

Even if, you lay your hands on the right training course, you still won’t develop a flat stomach without consistent self-discipline.

Without consistent self-discipline:

  • You will forever stare in the mirror with disgust, hating that fluffy waistline.

  • You will hate your body and despise yourself.

  • You heart will swell with envy whenever, you see, your peers fit attractively into those slim designer clothing lines.

  • You will always turn off the lights before undressing. Stop bothering yourself. Your partner knows all about it. It is only out of politeness that your partner hasn’t commented, yet.

  • You will occasionally suffer from back ache, even in your twenties, when you should be at your prime.

  • And yes, you are susceptible to develop a range of pathological conditions with your metabolism, including hemorrhoids.

Yep! A flat stomach is not only for the external aesthetics. If you don’t belief, ask your doctor. However, experience is the best teacher. You can easily ascertain the health benefits of having a flat tummy for yourself.

Develop a strong core and you will be shocked to discover, your back pain suddenly disappearing. Your self-esteem will surge to an all time high. But what has self-esteem got to do with your health?

Lack of self-esteem causes depression by making your body produce the stress hormone cortisol.

Just remember, consistent self-discipline is your real obstacle in developing a flat stomach.