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Hemorrhoid  Relief

    Hemorrhoids are vascular strictures in your anal and rectal region. Every healthy human being has hemorrhoids. They are a normal feature in the human anatomy and assist in the elimination of stool.

    Pathological hemorrhoids (piles or rectal lump or lump in the rectum) occur when; these vascular strictures are swollen or inflamed. Pathological hemorrhoids are often simply referred to as hemorrhoids.

    You might encounter different spellings of hemorrhoids such as haemorrhoids, hemroids, hemoroids etc.

    Thrombosed hemroids can be very painful. They itch, irritate and easily become a major source of stress.

Best Practices for Hemorrhoid Relief

    The trick is to identify what caused the hemorrhoid. Then stop doing whatever might have unleashed the affliction.

    Diarrhea and constipation top the list of prominent hemroid causes. You can do several things to reduce the risk of diarrhea. Wash your hands regularly and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables _ the greener the better. Eat carbohydrate foods and consume lots of insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber absorbs water as food moves through your digestive system.

    Perform a colon cleanse (colon irrigation) every few months. Colon cleansing will reduce your risk of contracting both diarrhea and constipation.

    You can reduce your risk of constipation by drinking plenty of water and eating the banana fruit. Water works wonders for your health. Consume at least a liter of water per day.

    Practice good ergonomics. Do not sit for prolonged periods without moving. Get up and move around, once in a while. Prolonged standing can also lead to hemroids. This is rather common with pregnant women or obese people. Alter your posture as frequently as possible. Adopt the habit of lying on your side instead of sitting, when watching TV.

    Take a dump, only when, you feel like it. Do not strain excessively, in order to pass stool. If the stool is difficult to pass, take a stool softener.

    Do not use perfumed tissue paper. Perfumes are highly volatile alcohols. They evaporate quickly, leaving your anal region dry and sore. This will accentuate any hemorrhoid aches which, you are having. Use wet wipes, which have been treated with Witch Hazel or Walgreens or Aloe Vera.

    Do not age!

    That was a joke; however, people above 45 are more vulnerable to hemroids. There is also little you can do, if you are genetically predisposed to hemroids.

    Use sitz (hip) baths 3 or 5 times daily. A sitz bath is a device, which allows you to soak you bum in warm water. You can easily transform your bathtub into a sitz bath by filling in, just the right amount of water. Your average sitz bath session should last 5 to 10minutes.

    Experiment with sitz baths and see, what gives you the maximum soothing relief. Alternate between warm and cold water! Alternate between pure water and water, that has been treated with baking soda, vinegar or Epsom salt.

    If you are pregnant, do your kegel exercise regularly. Kegel exercises increase blood circulation in the pelvic and vaginal area. Kegel exercises also strengthen the vaginal and anal muscles; thus, facilitating quick postpartum recovery from hemorrhoid.

    You can do your kegel exercise anywhere, even while stuck in the traffic. Just tighten your vaginal and anal muscles for 60seconds; then relax them. Repeat this exercise for about 10minutes. There is no limit to how often you can perform this exercise in a day.

    Avoid scratching the area afflicted with hemroids. Wear cotton pants and undergarments.

Robust Hemorrhoids Remedy

    If the measures above do not provide you with sufficient relief, you can always squash your hemorrhoids with the all-powerful venapro formula.

    Venapro is a 100% natural homeopathic home care remedy for hemorrhoid. The organic ingredients of venapro have been carefully selected to ensure safe and rapid relief from haemorrhoids. The time-tested ingredients of venapro include: Horse chestnut, Arnica, Fluoride of Lime, St. Mary’s Thistle, stone root, Witch Hazel, muriatic acid, krameria’Mapato and purified water.

    The exact mixture of venapro has undergone rigorous scientific testing under strict FDA-approved standards to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

    Venapro is the only hemorrhoid treatment which provides a long term remedy.

    Once you get hemroids, there is a high probability of recurrence. Most treatments, including surgery do little to mitigate the risk of recurrence. Venapro provides a solution to this shortfall.

    We highly recommend the guaranteed venapro system. Order today and get instant relief from the irritation and itching of hemorrhoids.