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The Tao of 

How to Get a Flat Stomach

Thanks to the internet, there is no shortage of misleading information on how to get a flat stomach.

The internet is studded with so much false information because consumers of this information abound. It is the old law of supply and demand playing itself out. You broadcast signals in the marketplace that, you want information; then, information producers receive the signals and supply the information.

The producers of information soon figure out that in our instant gratification society, people want to know how they can get a flat stomach yesterday.

Of course, it is irrational but that is what people want.

Your irrational demands do not present a dilemma to producers. Producers will say and do whatever will get you to spend your hard earned money.

    Hence the catchy headlines like “how to get a flat stomach in 7days”, “how to lose belly fat in 48hours”, “how to get a ripped abdomen in 2weeks” etc.

    Astonishingly, too many people believe these marketers. Here comes the million dollar puzzle. Does obesity cause a substantial drop in IQ? If it does not, what makes an obese woman believe that she can get a lean stomach in 2weeks?

    I have got a theory.

People are so gullible because they secretly want something for nothing. They want to get a flat stomach but they do not want to pay the price for it.

Oh yes, there is a price to getting a lean, sexy tummy. The price is good nutrition and regular exercise.

The ugly truth of the situation is that people are lazy. It is that plain and that simple.

Sloth is the reason, why so many people are in trapped in the endless search of an esoteric, secret formula to everything.

Everybody knows the right formula but they decline from applying it because it involves the most dreaded activity on earth: WORK.

Fat creatures do not want to put in the hours. They do not want to sweat out their fat asses in the gym. They do not want to eat those tasteless vegetables.

But they want to have a lean, toned midsection.

Marketers know this and rush to comfort these fat, lazy creatures with all kinds of gimmicks. In recent years, products like AbTronic, AB Energizer, Ab Force and Fast Abs have dominated the market for effortless flat belly creation.

These products purport to make your abdominal muscles contract by shocking them with electric vibrations. Some marketers claim that 10minutes of using their products is the equivalent of spending 1hour in the gym.

Give me a break!

It might help you to know that, in the late 2000s, the FTC filed lawsuits against these companies for making false and deceitful claims.

The marketers of abs belts and vibration gimmicks are not the only marketers taking advantage of fat, lazy people. The multi-billion dollar diet industry is the biggest swindler of gullible chumps.

So long as chumps never stop looking for short cuts; the diet industry will keep reeling in billions. This trend is only going to explode. In 2010, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) reported that more than 1 in every 3 American adults is obese. The careless lifestyle of American adults is creating future customers for the diet industry.

Dieting is the most Harmful Way to 

Attempt to Get a Flat Stomach

Good nutrition does not mean dieting. Dieting is the euphemism for starving and adapting unnatural eating schedules.

If you feel hungry, eat. What could be more natural than that? Yet dieticians would have you believe that you can only develop a flat tummy by eating at specific times of the day. Dieticians would have you believe that you will never get a lean midsection, if you do not feel half-hungry throughout the day.

The final destination of the doctrine of starvation and unnatural eating schedules is eating disorders. Is it any wonder that so many teen girls suffer from bulimia, anorexia and binge eating disorder?

There is no mystery to the growing phenomenon of eating disorders. Depth marketers of the diet industry are solely responsible for this epidemic carnage being inflicted on the most vulnerable. Teenage girls from lower class families are most vulnerable.

In developed countries, it is the lower classes that are afflicted with obesity. They become obese by eating fast foods and watching TV. Guess who cashes in on their growing fat?

That’s right! The upper classes.

That’s not to suggest that, the obese are not responsible for their lifestyle. The validity of one fact does not nullify another. It is simply a valid fact that, the rich make money off the poor choices of others.

There is no such thing as a good diet. All diets are useless. Not some diets _ all diets.

Homo sapiens evolved in an environment where food was scarce and famine rampant. In order to survive, our ancestors developed sophisticated genes with tremendous fat-storage capabilities. Those who could not store fat did not survive the famines.

We are the descendants of Homo sapiens whose genes had an amazing capacity to store fat.

When you go on a starvation diet, you are going to successfully lose weight. However, you will quickly regain the weight when you stop dieting. You will experience the same results, if you go on a diet for the second time.

If you go on a diet for the third time, you will not lose any weight at all. This is because you have inadvertently activated those dormant fat-storing genes, which your ancestors developed over thousands of years.

Those genes were developed for one purpose only: to ensure your survival.

By your third diet, those ancestral fat-storing genes are fully activated and they will cling to every single molecule of fat which, they can lay their hands on. The genes think that, you are starving because there is a famine. The genes are storing fat in order to protect you from dying from the famine.

Your genes have no idea that, your starvation is self-imposed and that you are only trying to lose weight.

You are a poor mortal, fighting against the most potent forces of nature, which have developed and perfected their capabilities over thousands of years.

Guess who will win?

That’s right. Your genes will triumph and you’ll end up fatter than an African elephant.

You cannot develop a flat stomach by dieting. You develop a flat stomach by eating right.

Eating right means everything goes except high carbohydrate foods and Trans (unsaturated) fats. Contrary to popular knowledge, not all fats are bad. Fat is actually necessary.

A healthy woman between the age of 21 to 40 must have anywhere between 21 to 33% body fat. Anything below this range makes you skinny, unhealthy and weakens your immune system. Percentage body fat above 33 makes you overweight.

High carbohydrate foods to avoid include white rice, white bread and cereals. Trans (unsaturated) fat sources to avoid include doughnuts, French fries and margarines. No one needs to tell you to avoid butter.

Take supplements to balance your nutrition. The body needs so many different vitamins and nutrients which you cannot possible get from your food; unless you are a dietician. Even for a dietician, getting the right quantities of the right foods is a full time job.

The only reasonable way to complement your nutrition is to take supplements.

Success in Developing a Flat Stomach

Getting a flat stomach is like achieving any goal. First, you set the goal i.e. develop a sexy, toned stomach.

Second, you acquire the know-how to achieve your goal. Finally, you implement the knowledge. The only value which may be ascribed to knowledge is the result which the knowledge produces.

If you apply the knowledge you have for a reasonable amount of time (3 months) and do not get the desired result; then, it is high time, you questioned your knowledge.

The ultimate, yet least appreciated fact is that knowledge does not apply itself.

No one succeeds because she knows the formula for success. You succeed because you have the consistent self-discipline to apply the right knowledge over a sustained period.

In the final analysis, the right formula to develop a flat tummy is not simply good nutrition and regular exercise; but also the consistent self-discipline to implement the formula.